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MAC Original Series

The MAC Original Series was first created over 40 years ago with a new concept in kitchen knife design. First, we chose a steel that allowed us to create a thin, flexible blade that is light weight, easy to sharpen, and maintains its edge extremely well. While most people remember MAC knives for their extreme out-of-the-box sharpness and the duration which it lasts, these other features were key to our success. The thin (1.5-2.0mm), flexible blade slides easily through foods without wedging into cuts like a traditional European forged blade and the light weight allows you to use the knife without making your hand and arm tired. Next, we rounded the tip for safety and elevated the handle to create better knuckle clearance when working on a cutting board. Lastly, a hole was punched into the blade to hang the knife.

Original Paring Knife 4"

MAC Knives
30,00€ (Excl. 21% VAT: 24,79€ )

This 4″ paring knife is small enough for peeling and paring but the elevated handle allows you to use it effectively on the cutting board as well. 


Original Fillet Knife

MAC Knives
52,00€ (Excl. 21% VAT: 42,98€ )

This fillet knife has a long, narrow, slightly flexible blade for filleting small to medium size fish. The up-swept handle and long blade allows it to function as a utility knife as well. 


Original Utility Knife S

MAC Knives
54,00€ (Excl. 21% VAT: 44,63€ )

This medium-sized utility knife is one of the knives that made the MAC brand famous in Japan and Hawaii over 40 years ago. A signature MAC design. 


Original Utility Knife M

MAC Knives
65,00€ (Excl. 21% VAT: 53,72€ )

This 7½” utility knife is versatile enough to be used on most fruits, vegetables, and meats. 


Original Carving Knife 9"

MAC Knives
77,00€ (Excl. 21% VAT: 63,64€ )

This large carving knife was originally designed as a large meat slicer but can double as a chef’s knife. The 9″ length is ideal for slicing roasts and cutting large fruits and vegetables such as melons and heads of lettuce or cabbage. 


Original Cleaver Medium Duty 6,5"

MAC Knives
92,00€ (Excl. 21% VAT: 76,03€ )

This cleaver is modeled after the Japanese Honesuki-style cleaver for cutting through firm foods such as hard squash, hard cheese, chicken bones, and small fish bones. 3.0mm thick blade. 


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